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You have not to be astonished if we talk about a " New generation in the cold ". Thanks to the intelligence of the silicon, we created a revolutionary control system for refrigerators able to satisfy all needs of laboratory since it operates in absolutely safe contitions. A fascinating look of the control panel together with a large and luminous alphanumeric display, a comfortable and very easy programming keyboard, in a short time allow the setting and changing of temperature values and alarms and the displaying of information about to whole system in short time. Some passwords prevent the setting of parameters by non authorized personnel and alarms for anomalous conditions, response to absolutely any kind of specification. An useful procedure of Selfdyagnosis continuously controls the operating conditions with reference to internal and external temperature, voltage tension and state of charging of the emergency battery. A printer, inserted in a practical and very ergonomic panel, makes possible the reading of reports at fixed intervals with indication of all needed parameters for a complete and right evaluation of functioning cycles. A battery prevents loss of dates in case of tension absence. All this means safety, absence of human mistakes, complete control of all anomalous function, thanks to the innovative and intelligent CTI computerized system, which replaces relais, switches and thermostats.
  • Temperature range: -90°C/+90°C
  • Accurancy: ±0,5°C
  • Voltage accurancy: ±10%
  • Voltage supply: 220V. A.C. 50 Hz
  • Emergency voltage supply with battery: 12V. c.c.
  • Automatic recharging of battery with stabilized feeder
  • Permanent data storage
  • Messages in four languages: ( I.E.F.D. )
  • Recording of latest switching on of the alarm
  • Secret OFF code
  • Secret SET data code
  • Visualization day and hour
  • Visualization of current tension
  • Visualization of the battery tension
  • Visualization of the condensator temperature
  • Visualization of evaporator temperature
  • Display at LCD alfanumeric a 16 characters
  • Seven red leds which are showing:
    • on
    • light
    • alarm
    • cold
    • hot
    • CO
    • defrost
  • Nine leds for the following operations:
  • key "ON" switching on
  • key "LIGHT" internal light
  • key "SELECT" for entering programming mode
  • key "ENTER/TIME" for setting confirmation/date and time visualization
  • key "DOWN" for decrease
  • key "UP" for increase
  • key "ALARM" for alarm tests and silencing alarm
  • key "MAN. DEFR" for manual defrosting
  • key "OFF" switching off
  • Temperature regulation
  • Allarm max. temperature
  • Allarm min. temperature
  • Texts in Italian, English, French and German
  • regulation of the cold
  • regulation of heat
  • regulation cold-heat(2 points)
  • DT freezing
  • DT heating
  • Cooling histeresy
  • Heating histeresy
  • Activated proble alarm
  • Activate CO 2 alarm
  • DT CO 2 regulation
  • Condenser alarm temperature
  • Defrosting off
  • Defrosting on with resistances
  • Defrosting on with hot gas
  • N. of defrosting in 24 h. ( 1....8 )
  • Defrosting time
  • End defrosting temperature
  • Ventilation delay after defrosting
  • Defrosting time duration
  • Alarms on or off during defrosting
  • Delay time opened door alarm
  • Printing interval time
  • Time cooling cascade system
  • Secret on and off code
  • Secret temperature setting code
  • probe in short circuit
  • not connected probe ( for each one of the 3 probes )
  • dirty condenser
  • pressure control alarm
  • thermostat alarm
  • min. temperature alarm
  • max. temperature alarm
  • max. voltage battery
  • min. voltage battery
  • max. voltage supply
  • min. voltage supply
  • opened door
  • all the alarms can be silenced with the key "ALARM"

Characteristics and data can be modified without forewarning.
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