Our product range includes:

Our range of production includes equipment for tests: Climatic and Thermostatic Chambers, with Salt Spray Fog, Kesternich, Humidostatic, for thaw and freezing, with Thermal Shock, for accelerated Aging with UV irradiation, Phitological chambers, with Dust, Rain, Sand, Sunlight, for IP classification.

Walk-in Chambers: Cold, Thermostatic, Climatic.

Burn-in Ovens, Incubators, Thermostats, Freezers, Ultrafreezers.

Germination Chambers, electric Ovens for industries and research laboratories…; standard, special and ad-explosion proof (AD-PE) executions sized on your ranges of applications


Control/recorder Thermostatic chambers Thermostatic chambers Climatic chambers
Climatic chambers Walk-in chambers Chambers for salt fog Chambers for humidostatic
tests - Kesternich
Watertight tests chambers Chambers for dust-tight tests Refrigerated incubators Ovens
Burn-in oven Thermostatics chambers
for burn-in
Special executions Clilimatized cabinets tables
Af explosion proof Refrigerated cabinets Phitological chambers Termostatic refrigerators
Cromatography rooms Mortuary preservation room    

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